Thursday, November 12, 2009

Does your Daughter Have Dad Hair

dadhair (dad-hār) n. A style in which hair is arranged so that it is obvious that an unskilled stylist (namely the male paternal figure) is responsible. Syn. DISASTER, TRAGEDY

When my daughter was a baby my boyfriend asked in all seriousness "how am I going to do her hair when she is older." At the time I thought it was absolutely hilarious, thinking to myself, you just do it. After thinking about it, I realize it is a completely new territory for a guy. Guys have no idea how to make a straight part, put hair up into pig tails, or into a pony tail. I may have to get this book for him as a stocking stuffer for Christmas!

Craig Lawrey's book, "Does Your Daughter Have DADHAIR? A step-by-step guide for Dads," teaches Dads how-to manage their daughter' hair. Using color photographs, hints, tips, and psychology of the father-daughter bond, he humorously makes light of and helps abolish Dadhair. A book written by a real Dad for real Dads.
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