Saturday, October 17, 2009


Modern Chic Tots looks forward to designing your custom room! Please take the time to answer our questionnaire with as many details as possible. Your answers will give me the tools I need to create a beautiful room for your little tot.

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Ceiling height:
Length of each wall:
Closet size:
Height and width of each window size:
If there are any additional measurements please describe them:

Which room are you wanting designed by Modern Chic Tots? Who's room is it? Boy or Girl? Their age? If expecting, when is your due date? What is your child's name?

Does your child have any hobbies that you would like to be included into the design of the room? Or likes or dislikes?

How many windows?
How many closets? Is the closet(s) a door or sliding doors?

What type of flooring do you have in the room and what color is it?

Are there any limitations as far as the physical appearance of the room(walls, floors, ceiling fan, closet doors)? Please let us know if you wish to keep the room "as is" to avoid additional costs.

Do you have any existing or recently purchased furniture you would like to incorporate in the design on the room?

What is your favorite design style? Modern, traditional, cottage...

Do you have colors that you would love to see in the room?

Do you have any inspiration pieces you would like to keep in the room(piece of art, a family heirloom, a favorite toy)?

What wood finish do you imagine, dark, medium, light wood, white, black, or painted pieces?

Are there any design pet peeves that you do not wish for us to incorporate into your design?

What is your design budget including furniture, bedding, lighting, window treatments, and accessories?

If you have any additional comments, please feel free to let us know.

Please take photos of the entire room. Please make sure closet doors and windows are easily seen.

If you have photos of furniture, or inspiration pieces please include them as well.

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