Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

From Christmas

I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!! I love the holiday season- the lights, trees, ornaments, songs, and baking treats for Santa. I came across these adorable Christmas tree cupcakes on Bakerella and wish I had the time and patience to make them. Click here for the recipe.
Unfortunately, tomorrow I will be working till 1:00pm and will probably throw a sorry batch of pre-made dough into the oven between finishing last minute preparations and entertaining a toddler. Poor Santa, I'm sure he would enjoy these cupcakes much more.


  1. oh my gosh love ur blog!!!Im so glad you found me!!! Im addicted to yours now!:)

  2. Thanks Priscila! I just hope that my blog will become as popular as yours some day :)